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SupplierIQ enables near real time access to accurate Dispensing & Over The Counter data, to assist in servicing the needs of our common customers, Pharmacies.  This is made possible by Intellipharm’s direct connections to over 4,500 Pharmacies across Australia.

Leveraging Intellipharm’s 20+ years of expertise in data analysis and insights, SupplierIQ enables customers to assess near real-time performance of their products relative to the markets they operate in, helping them to identify opportunities to drive growth and potential new market opportunities.

Analyse performance at National, State and Regional level, with the ability to analyse by Pharmacy size, right down to a Molecule, Product and Store level for granular insights*.

Our subscription model enables users to access pre-templated analysis incorporating sales, scripts, and packs, with the ability to filter by health condition and analyse trends over a two-year period.  We recognise that every user may have varying needs, which is why we offer customisation to meet your specific requirements**.

Hosted on our AWS Cloud infrastructure ensures all data is secure and scalable, enabling users to gain fast access to insights anywhere, anytime, on any device.

If you would like to subscribe, or if you would like to know more about SupplierIQ, please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

*Store level data visibility is only available where a Pharmacy has given permission.
**Customisation will be quoted based on user specifications.

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Make informed business decisions powered by live data with SupplierIQ

Subscription or bespoke dashboard & reports

Standardised or bespoke product hierarchies

Market and Category intelligence

Access to historical data, updated daily

Tailored automated replenishment platforms

Seamless integration of your own or 3rd party data

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