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GroupIQ is Intellipharm’s business intelligence reporting platform for owners of multiple pharmacies and pharmacy group managers.

This powerful solution allows you to unlock customer insights to identify growth opportunities, optimise your sales and marketing strategies, and implement tactics to help increase your market share and profitability.

With GroupIQ you can create bespoke head office level reports and analytics based on accurate transactional, store, loyalty and product data. This will enable you to target your professional services aligned to your customer demographics.

Our cloud-based software is simple to use, flexible and secure, and allows you to access your data on demand, from any device, anywhere.

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Integrate your data and save time with GroupIQ

One platform to securely measure multiple store performance

Quick and easy access to live data feeds

Bespoke reporting capabilities

Concise overview of your stores' performance using real-time data

Customised suite of visual dashboards and data-centric reports

Monitor the performance of all your stores from any location

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